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BoredAs _ AMotherfucker

Now really. <3 This site is more boring than reading smartphowned stupid fails. :(
We need to do something. :)
Or this site will be the greatest boring site. <3
Screaming at the stars, watching passing cars.
You see the birds flying by, but all you do is cry.

- ForeverIsALie.
- BoredAsMotherfucker. :(
Bored as motherfucker. :(
Bored as motherfucker. :(
What shall I do ?
What shall I do ?
It`s all about SWAG. ;)
It`s all about SWAG. ;)

Comments • 12
iiTzBaRbiiEbiiTchXx 20 August 2011  
i stole the third picture!!
xVintageSwagxD 20 August 2011  
np =))
DeduxaaLov3 20 August 2011  
Dak eram in bucuresti sa vezi ce ne distraam :)
xBybiiixD 15 August 2011  
You are Bored??? Hai la un biliard=))))))))))))))))))))))))))
A.. 5 August 2011  
Ca tine .
xVintageSwagxD 5 August 2011  
da stiu ca am swag da nici chiar sa ma flatezi in halu asta :*
xDulceLocuraxD 16 August 2011  
=]] @LIKE <33
Sammy<3 24 July 2011  
me too...
xVintageSwagxD 24 July 2011  
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