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ForMy _ MeryHoran

Mery. I want just to thank you for everything you did for me. (:
You always know what to say. ♥
You were always here for me when nobody else was. ♥
For me you're the best girl in this world.
The best friend I ever had. >:D< ♥
You never let me down. (:
I hope we will never argue or something.
You know everything about me. EVERYTHING. ♥
I am sure Niall will come back because he loves you and I love you too. >:D< ♥

- YouAreAmazing - JustTheWayYouAre - ♥
you'll always be my bff.
you'll always be my bff.
No metter what . ♥
No metter what . ♥
ilysm. ♥ >:D<
ilysm. ♥ >:D<

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