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Party - People _ BambooNights

I want you to grab your bottles.
Now shake shake shake that bottle `till break it.
Party with me and Milx.
Die, bitch . die =))
Our neighbors will die.
Everybody is getting noughty.
Champagne showers. <3

Dance all night with me and Milx. <3
She`s already drunk. <3

One tequila.
Two tequilas.
tree tquewilas .

- PartyyyyyyyyyPeopleee. -
Jaaaaaaaaaaaack =))
Jaaaaaaaaaaaack =))
And a bottle of VODKA
And a bottle of VODKA

Comments • 15
DeduxaaLov3 20 August 2011  
=))) te adooor
ColeSprouse 14 August 2011  
xVintageSwagxD 14 August 2011  
Çŀиêω∂∂∂ baa' . 14 August 2011  
.~>Nu ti se pare ca exagerezi cu glumele astea de kkt ? /:)
Macar ai si tu limite,ca dai in nesimtire ;)
DeduxaaLov3 20 August 2011  
da ce te doare pe tne ce glume face ea ? :))
xVintageSwagxD 14 August 2011  
esti proasta. dar ce am zis?=))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Lol 14 August 2011  
Aveti voi bani d bamboo?
xDjRebwekax3 10 September 2011  
da macar noi avem bani sa ne cacam in centru =)))
da tu n`ai nici bani d platit netu ..
de ce nu ti`ai facut cont ??
n'are maicata bani sa`ti plateasca destul net cat sa intriisa`ti faci coont ?
dom'leee !!! prostii se inmultesc acuu ..
vezi sa nu faci copii ca inmultesti prostimea p terra .
xVintageSwagxD 14 August 2011  
da draga avem ;)
TylerGoesMiau 14 August 2011  
xDulceLocuraxD 13 August 2011  
Yeah :]] but nobody changes my Tuborgg !! :] Haha
xEcstasyGurlLulu 13 August 2011  
I want some vodka=]]:x
xBybiiixD 13 August 2011  
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