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ShutTheFuckUp - Barbie

This ain`t an album for the broken hearts. ♥
Some of you this they`re some barbie girls in a barbie world. ♥
You`re not perfect. ♥ Nobody`s perfect. ♥
You can try everything. You won`t be perfect never. ♥
So shut up barbie ;) . ♥ You`re not better than us. ♥
Whoever thinks she`s perfect. Actually she`s a slut. ♥
You want to be popular but you know you`re not. ♥
Popular doesn`t mean anything. ♥
When you`re popular everybody knows you but everybody hates you. ♥
Just stop bitching around. ♥ One day you`ll realies what it`s the most important : friends. ♥
You don`t have to be popular for ppl to like you. ♥
Some girls from here are kinda popular but they don`t give a fuck about it. ♥

- EverybodyKnowsYou - ButEverybodyHatesYou -
You think everybody loves you. ♥
You think everybody loves you. ♥
But everybody hates you. ♥
But everybody hates you. ♥
It`s okey to be invisible `cuz you`re invincible. ♥
It`s okey to be invisible `cuz you`re invincible. ♥

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TylerGoesMiau 20 August 2011  
so right
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