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WhoCares - NoOne

Guys. (: I`m leaving this stupid site. ♥
I mean ...it`s now or never. ♥
I don`t care about haters but I am hurt when my besties say I`m not their friend.
I know I made a huge mistake. But nobody`s perfect. Everybody make mistakes . ♥
And I`m sorry if I hurted you. But I know I did. :(
I know nobody needs me here and now I feel like a ...stupid girl. ♥
Maybe some of you will say that I`ll never go.
But this site I`m serious. .. ♥
Maybe I won`t dlt my account but I`ll be so far gone. (: ♥
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. ♥
I know I`ve hurted you. ..
The more I try the less is working .
If you were happy before you met me, you can be happy after I am gone too.

- SorryAgain - IhopeYouWillForgetMe -
Sorry .
Sorry .
Sorry .
Sorry .
Sorry .
Sorry .
Sorry .
Sorry .
you know ily. <3
you know ily. <3

Comments • 17
DeduxaaLov3 20 August 2011  
Dak pleci sa moara boc de nu te bantui la noapte :o Cei in capul tau akmaa faa :"o
xEcstasyGurlLulu 17 August 2011  
Ce`i c tine?:O
ToxxicLov3 17 August 2011  

BFF will be BFF ;) FOREVER!! Even if they atack ya` sometimes, they will come to you again and again and again, while you`ll suffer in the darck :(
DavidSaysBlah 17 August 2011  
Don`t go. Never. :-( You don`t have to leave to be happy.You have to fight every second. Every minute. Every day of your life. I know what you feel. My ex-girlfriend was a stupid bitch. :-(I will never forget you. You are amazing.
xDoncafex3 17 August 2011  
x.` My .` Mozbina .` nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
x.` Nu .` pleci .` nu .` vreau .` nimeni .` nu .` vrea
x.` Aiki .` ai .` prieteni .` ai .` a2-a .` sau .` a3-a .` familie.`
x.` Te .` rooooooooog .` my .` squeirrl .` Mozbina .` nu .` pleca .` nu-ti .` lasa .` prietenii .` te .` roooooooooooooog
xCYOheartBEATxD 17 August 2011  
Look mozzb' don't go here u have a lot of friends
don't u see they needs u they care about u they loves u.
Beside me i don't have something like that...YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF URSELF.AND STAY HERe
xBybiiixD 16 August 2011  
'Ai moi Moniii`.... Shi pe site asta ?Ma supeliii:(( You don't hurted me :x
xBybiiixD 16 August 2011  
App...Dak tuh pleki yo te omor ku mana meah =)))))
xVintageSwagxD 16 August 2011  
lmfao =))
xBybiiixD 16 August 2011  
EmmMarie 16 August 2011  
imi pasa de tine bai nebunia lu salam . la soare ma pot uita dar la mozzb ba
xVintageSwagxD 16 August 2011  
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